Brussels: A City of Contrasts That Might Not Be for Everyone

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, certainly has its place in the heart of European politics and administration. However, when I visited, I was met with mixed emotions. Although a hub of European significance, parts of Brussels appeared rather dirty and somewhat dull. Compared to other European capitals, the attractions felt limited. Despite uncovering some noteworthy spots, I left Brussels feeling unimpressed, vowing not to return.

1. Parc de Laeken

A breath of fresh air amidst the urban grind, Parc de Laeken offers a refreshing contrast. This park is an oasis with its manicured gardens and peaceful pathways. It’s a spot to momentarily forget the city’s flaws and immerse oneself in tranquillity.

2. Atomium

An emblematic structure of Brussels, the Atomium, originally crafted for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, remains a standout attraction. With its shimmering spheres interconnected in a unique design, it’s a site that piques curiosity. However, while architecturally distinct, it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

3. Grand Place Square

The historic heart of Brussels, Grand Place, is certainly remarkable with its ornate guildhouses and significant buildings. Yet, amidst its history and architecture, it lacked a certain vibrancy that I’ve felt in other European squares.

4. Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles

My culinary adventure led me to Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles, where I indulged in the famed Belgian waffle. While delicious, it was one of the few highlights of my trip, which speaks volumes about the overall experience.

5. Radisson Collection Hotel

My stay at the Radisson Collection Hotel was comfortable, but it came with its caveats. The underground parking fee of €35 per day felt steep, and the deposit, potentially varying with room type, was unexpectedly high. The dinner was satisfactory, but not enough to make the stay memorable.

A Note on LEZ (Low Emission Zone)

Travelers driving into Brussels need to be aware of the city’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regulations. Certain vehicles that don’t meet the emission standards are restricted, making it essential to check if your vehicle is compliant before entering to avoid potential fines.

In conclusion, Brussels had its moments, but they were overshadowed by the city’s shortcomings. While some may find charm in its streets, I left feeling that Brussels wasn’t for me, and I don’t foresee a return visit in my future.

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