Western Germany: A Journey of Unexpected Delights and Little Quirks

The rich tapestry of Germany is filled with a diverse range of experiences, and nowhere is this more evident than in the western regions of the country. From tantalizing cuisine to historic landmarks, this area promises travelers a blend of the old and the new. Here’s a recount of my personal journey through Western Germany.

A Culinary Journey

First and foremost, do not expect the schnitzels here to rival those in Austria. Even the Viennese-style schnitzel isn’t quite the same, though it’s still delicious in its own right. In Germany, I mostly encountered pork schnitzels, while Austria typically offers beef versions.

A delightful culinary revelation was the way schnitzels are often served with a unique German twist: a side salad predominantly featuring carrots, sometimes onions, beetroot, and a touch of mayonnaise. Furthermore, the iconic apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce, bratwurst, and pretzels should be on anyone’s must-try list when visiting the region.

Köln (Cologne)

The heart of the Rhineland, Köln boasts the stunning cathedral, Kölner Dom, an absolute must-visit. Convenient parking is available at Köln Dome Parking at €2.5/h.

Get WAZE directions

For dining, Gaffel am Dom is an excellent choice. If you aren’t driving, dive into the beer culture but remember: if you want the waiter to stop serving, place your coaster over your glass, or else they’ll keep it coming!

The Beauty of the Countryside

Venture beyond the motorways, and you’ll be greeted by the pristine beauty of German villages. These areas are remarkably clean, tranquil, and absolutely picturesque. The country roads wind gracefully through trees and forests, giving one a sense of calm and serenity.

Castles and Landmarks

Western Germany is dotted with majestic castles such as the Metternich Castle and the Eltz Castle. Other remarkable points of interest include the Geierlay Suspension Bridge, Phantasialand, and the confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine in Koblenz.

Accommodation Experience at Romantisches Hotel zur Post

Situated in a historic building, the hotel, which feels more like a guesthouse, is charming with its vintage interior. The tranquil terrace at the back offers peaceful views, with my room providing a vista of the Moselle River. However, some elements felt mediocre. The lingering scent of old houses, slightly damp atmospheres, and bedding standards left a bit to be desired. Breakfast was decent but not extraordinary. The ambiance of the dining hall was pleasant, with dedicated tables for each room and soothing background music. While the host was amicable, this stay might not be for everyone, especially if one’s preference leans towards luxury hotels.

A Word on Local Interactions

In my experience, not everything is translated into English in Western Germany, which might pose a slight challenge. Moreover, while I found the locals amicable among themselves, as a foreigner, I sometimes felt I was intruding. It’s essential to approach interactions with patience and understanding.

In summary, Western Germany offers a vibrant blend of experiences. From its culinary adventures to historic landmarks and the serenity of its villages, it’s a journey of unexpected delights and little quirks. Whether you’re seeking the old-world charm or the bustling energy of cities like Köln, Western Germany promises memories that last a lifetime.

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